Baidu PCFaster

  • World's NO.1 Deep Cleaning Technology

    Makes your PC perform like new again with four cleaning modes and more than 300 cleaning checkpoints—All together, it's the most comprehensive PC cleaning solution!

  • Next-Generation SpeedUp System

    We continually update our process database to give you a full range of acceleration through our SpeedUp and FasterNow functions. You'll always have the speed you want and need.

  • The Intelligent Game Acceleration Solution

    Smart technology offers personalized and intelligent acceleration for game enthusiasts. With the automatic Game Faster mode,hardcore gamers can take full control of the system with 72 custom settings.

  • The One-Stop Store for Trustworthy PC Apps

    PC App Store's massive collection of free and popular software is the most convenient way to find great titles, and it helps manage your applications with easy software updating and uninstalling!

  • Advanced Privacy Protection

    Efficiently and completely clean your computer's history including internet browsing, system operation, office software, video viewing and applications so you always have the highest level of personal protection.

  • And It’s FREE!

    Keep your PC running Faster and more Secure all for free!

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  • Edwin  |  Facebook

    Very Usefull!
    Baidu PC Faster is a very useful tool to me!

  • Robert  |  Facebook

    PC Faster is so good,
    it makes my pc more quickly and healthy!

  • Mehmet Ali  |  Facebook

    Thanks for nice service
    and good support to us. I will recommend it to my friends.

  • Dominik  |  Facebook

    I´ll promote it on my
    YouTube Channel to let
    more people know it.

  • King Sara  |  Facebook

    Good! I’ve tried the
    software, it's very helpful and easy-use !I like it!

  • Martin  |  Facebook

    Baidu PC Faster is totally free but the service very good for us in our daily life!

  • Tomyca  |  Facebook

    Baidu PC Faster is a very good! Free for every one! Always support you!

  • Nikola  |  Facebook

    Best! The best software
    that I’ve tried! Thank you
    very much,Baidu!!

Make your PC faster, we are keeping on going

  • Over 263 TB of junk files cleaned!

  • 300,000,000 registry items removed!

  • Over 2,000 hours of boot time eliminated!

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