Baidu PC Faster keeps your PC Clean and Fast

Speed up your computer 300% with Baidu PC Faster

  • Shorten boot up time by removing unnecessary startup programs.
  • Regain more disk space by cleaning junk files, program, and registry.
  • Much safer by deleting usage history in computer.
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  • More than 1 milion users' choices
  • Covered over 300 most used softwares
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Speed up your PC

How much is your boot time?

What can we offer you?

  • Check your startup time in every boot
  • Show the time cost by each application
  • Show how fast your boot is in the world, help you get a competitive boot time
  • Speed up your PC, remove the unnecessary startup items with just 1-click

You need to know about these data

1.6 hours

have been wasted every month per person in watching their computer starts up.

64 days

in a lifetime may be wasted in waiting for your PC to boot.

11.8 days

in a lifetime can be regained by using PC Faster.

284 hours

that is, a whole honeymoon can be saved from your PC’s boot time.

Why don’t you speed up your slow system now? Join us and make PC faster!

Speed up your PC

Clean up Junk Files

Scan junk files in your Windows. Clean program remnants quickly and reliably. Help spare more space to run other applications faster.

We can clean up:
  • System junk files
  • Recycle Bin
  • Browsers junk files
  • Temporary files
  • ......

Clean up Privacy History

Clean the history of computer use, including Windows and Internet activity traces, computer activity traces.Protect your privacy efficiently.

We can clean up:
  • Browsers history
  • Computer use history
  • Application use history
  • ......

Clean up Registry

Clean unnecessary and useless registry in your Windows. Help make your windows faster.

We can clean up:
  • Redundancy DLLs
  • Invaild install & uninstall information
  • Invaild Applications path& information
  • ......

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