Baidu PCFaster


Using World's No.1 Cleaning Technology

To Easily And Totally Remove All The Junk Files of Your PC!


Clean The Maxium Junks Out of Your PC!

Our product has over than 300 cleaning points, covering 1,500 software and appying to all major operation systems(XP,WIN7/8) and those features can make sure that the junks hidden in every corner of your PC are totally cleaned up!

One Click is Good Enough!

The junk files that are piled up in your system may cause your PC to be slow or lead to a possible system crash. Regularly clean them up by "Cleaner" feature to prevent those problems happening again.

Wondering What Are We Going to Clean?

Click the long bar of each kind of junks after scanning to find out which software is the "killer" of your speed! You can also click on each item to see the info of junks,including its size and location for knowing your PC better!

What's More

There are several advanced features that we'd like you to know:

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