How to Use Wifi Securely?

2014-10-15 15:37:50


Recently there appear so many indoors-men because of the popularization of internet, as a consequence forming the Otaku culture style. That means a group of people get obsessed with animations, comics, films, online games as well as other interesting things in relation to computers, and thus you may call them house boys, or home geeks.  


Undoubtedly the internet provides people with numerous ways of entertainment to take the place of the feelings of unreality or vapidity. And it’s worthy of noting that take your laptop to handle working items anywhere, which benefits from the technological innovation, convenience and advancement.


Therefore at present, lots of mobile devices become very hot products in the market, and all of them need the supports of wireless network to perform more effectively.


Anyway, everything has its own vulnerabilities, and it’s not safe all the time if you don’t’ be cautious enough. For instance, when you connect your laptop to the free WiFi hotspot, you cannot recognize which one is secure or dangerous.






If you still stick to join in the unknown WiFi, it’s very possible to leak out your personal private information on your mobile or tablet under that network circumstance that is created and controlled by hackers. It may only cost them a few minutes to steal your photos, contacts, or other relation financial information. So it’s not a good idea to do shopping or online trades on the unknown free WiFi.


The most secure and reliable way to keep your privacy safe is to use your familiar hotspot as much as possible.


Or you may create your own WiFi on your laptop with Baidu PC Faster, which is a powerful PC optimization software able to change the 3G network into a wireless one. It doesn’t only protect your device from being intruded by unknown applications or viruses, but provides a comprehensive management solution for you to manage your computer. Device recognition feature can help confirm which one is unacquainted, so that you block these unknown gadgets anytime via the blacklist function. The operations are simple and secure for you to enjoy the WiFi network comfortably.


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