Will Baidu Wifi Hotspot Replace the Wifi Routers?

2014-10-17 16:14:33


In the past few years, people are inclined to buy Wifi routers to create Wifi hotspot on their computers. Such gadgets can support a large Wifi coverage area for users because of its strong signal transmission capability, and then some individuals begin to invent a variety of force cracking applications to get access to the Wifi hotspot so that they easily enjoy the free Wifi or even carry out some hacking behaviors, for example, stealing your bank card accounts &codes when you do shopping.




In fact, it’s very hard for you to acknowledge your Wifi usage conditions if you don’t install a piece of professional Wifi management software like Baidu PC Faster. In general, it almost cost you 20 ~ 200 dollars to purchase a Wifi router; Baidu PC faster is totally free for you to create Wifi hotspot on laptops or desktops with wireless network cards, while Wifi routers can create Wifi hotspot on the computers no matter which own wireless network cards or not.


The advantage of Baidu Wifi hotspot is to act as your personal assistant to monitor the Wifi usage status on your laptop accurately. If you often do trips, it will be largely convenient for you to apply Baidu PC Faster, which has no weight compared to the Wifi router device. At the same time, its other significant features, pc system acceleration, junk clean, virus scan, and etc, can be a private doctor doing a great favor for you to constantly optimize and improve your computer. 

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