How Can Parents Limit Children’s Wifi Time?

2014-10-17 11:06:22


Nowadays the mobile devices, including mobile phones and tablets, attract lots of youngpeople to participate in the community of mobile internet, and their featurescan be applied to the largest extent if the network speed is faster enough.


Andthen, the Wifi hotspot almostbecomes a necessity for children because of its strong or fast network signaltransmission capability. As a parent, I like these technological products aswell but really worry more about my  kids. I don’t hope children spend much timeplaying handset games, making posts on Tumblr and chatting with friends onFacebook; however, they lacks self-control and self-manage.


ThereforeI decide to take some actions to prevent this kind of phenomena going on. Here,Baidu PC Faster as a piece of professional computer optimization software addsa new Wifi hotspot feature, which can help me to recognize device brand, limitthe device’s Wifi connection time, and block some unknown devices. That’s tosay, if my children have spent several hours in playing the mobile phone, I canblock their devices, or change the Wifi password immediately.




Also,I can directly put kids’ devices onto the blacklist so that their Wificonnections are completely blocked. However, the devices can be easily adjustedamong “connected devices”, “blocked devices” and “blacklist”. So I just treatmy laptop as the host to limit my kids’ Wifi time. This is a really convenientway for me to manage their study time if they spend a long time on mobilephones or tablets. 

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