What Can We Get From the Apple Event?

2014-10-17 17:32:18



Apple has just unveiled the new iPhones, including 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus, which most mobile device fans have expected for so long. Anyway, a brand new industrial design and more powerful camera capability may bring customers with some surprises, though some of them have browsed leaked information which turns out to true now. Both of them can be powerful under the Wifi hotspot Baidu PC Faster creates.


Moreover, for such a hot smart mobile phone in nationwide, its most highlighted feature is “Apple pay”, a new and convenient pay way confirming you don’t need to bring a large wallet with a variety of bank and credit cards. Apple claims it’s very secure under their special technologies, which remains to be be doubted; or you may take iCloud into consideration.


This year, Apple’s “one more thing” is Apple Watch, which simply owns three different kinds of watch bands, mental, plastic and leather. A mediocre product with a terrible interactive design and limited battery life, however, partial media agencies and Apple’s competitive mobile phone manufacturers said. It lacks the creative hardware design like iPhone 4 which has ever added a new GPS chip, gyroscope, accelerometer and low energy consumption GPU, to support more application scenes and fields. At present, Apple iPhone fans expect the greatest innovation from the world’s giant, but as a consequence receives too common devices to do something not that cool.however, some other similar smart watches, for example, Moto 360 watch, have come out earlier this year.


However, the latest iCloud account hacking case indicates that the Apple’s security still needs to be promoted and improved, and customers are also supposed to take some actions to manage the internet or WiFi security problems. For example, you may install Baidu PC Faster on your pc to prevent Trojan viruses in 7*24 model, and at the same time such a piece of professional pc optimization software can effectively clean your pc’s junk or cache files to accelerate your device. Moreover, its Wifi hotspot feature can create free WiFi to ensure your iPhone and iPad on a safe and fast wireless network. What’s the most important is that this product with practical features is totally free.





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