Tips for You to Take a Correct View of the Public WiFi

2014-10-17 17:30:36




You may be very pleased to see there are several available Wifi hotspots as you take a walk on the park, or have a drink on a coffee shop. In fact, there are many other public places providing free WiFi, and thus it could be a great tempt for you to enjoy the “free lunch”. It’s certainly a good thing to connect your phone to the wireless network with no need to bear any cost.


Whereas, you may lose more if you connect your phone to the WiFi that is created by a hacker. It’s very easy to make a wireless network access point with a wireless network card, so that almost all mobile devices can utilize software applications to connect to the WiFi. But the truth is that some hackers have begun to employ this kind of technique to attract some individuals into their trap.


How can they succeed? A hacker just need to install a particular network sniffing software on his computer, in order to monitor all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and etc, which have been connected to his own wireless network. The monitoring data cover all your behaviors on his Wifi. And then he will use data package to analyze the crucial information, for example, your email content, browsing data and etc. As a result, he can easily attain your email password as well as other social network accounts & codes. If you have done on-line shopping, he’ll absolutely extract your bank codes and relational financial conditions.


Is it terrible? Of course, how to prevent this happening? That’s not to say you should not use any free Wifi, but it’s very important to take some measures in advance. You are supposed to remember not to do any online shopping on that kind of network. It’s best for you to install some pc antivirus software, like Baidu PC Faster, to prevent vicious hacking attacks against your computer. After connecting to the Free Wifi, try not to upload your vital private or business files to your social network or email accounts. Anyway, it’s recommended to maintain vigilance of unknown Wifi hotspots. 

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