How to Create a Wifi Hotspot on Your Laptop?

2014-10-20 11:17:52



Nowadays, the mobile devices become very popular among lots of people because they can use them to work more effectively and have fun more conveniently. Sometimes, they are required to do business trips or personal vocations. If you find the hotel or coffee shop doesn’t offer a WiFi hotspot, what are supposed to do? Or you may enter a large public place which provides several free WiFi hotspots, but do you really dare to connect your mobile phone to one of them? Is it secure?


In fact, free unknown WiFi hotspots are probably not suitable for you to choose while some criminals may try to obtain passers’ bank cards & codes, and social network accounts via cyberspace theft. You’re certainly under their control as your phone or table connects to the WiFi they have elaborately arranged. Furthermore, your personal privacy, such as photos and memos recorded on your phone, can be unconsciously exposed to others’ eyes. And thus, how to prevent these things happening


Under these circumstances, the most reliable way is to create a Wifi Hotspot via your laptop with a piece of professional optimization software, for example, Baidu PC Faster. If it’s s very urgent for you to handle some working items on the train station, you just need to insert a 3G net card into the laptop, and ensure its wireless network card is turned on, and then click the Wifi icon of Baidu PC Faster, which is permanently free, to create a new WiFi hotspot. If the hotel provides the wired network, it’s also possible to change it into a wireless one after confirming the internet access. However, the most important is that you should ensure the laptop or desktop has an available wireless network card, whose price is low. Of course, such a powerful function can be applied in lots of other places, for example, coffee shops, train stations airport terminals and etc..



Such a WiFi hotspot feature is simple and powerful. With a click, Baidu PCFaster can automatically create the Wifi hotspot where you can change Wifi name and code easily. On the right side of tab, you are allowed to check and devise the black-list or white-list, which shows the devices’ brand name, IP add, connection time and etc for you to manage it well and securely; that’s to say, you can decide which devices are permitted to connect to WiFi, or totally blocked. And its coverage area reaches almost 10-50 meters, which is accurately determined by the capability of wireless network card. And thus you don’t need to bring a heavy wireless router with you anywhere since then.


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