How to Completely Delete Your Photos on Your iCloud Account?

2014-10-20 10:44:35



Recently the private photos of the Hollywood female stars have become very hot on the internet. In fact, many victims have deleted those photos on iPhone previously, but as a consequence the photos are still stolen by hackers. And thus lots of iPhone users, especially female, could worry about their photos a lot.


However, a report indicates that almost a half of the young have taken naked photos using mobile phones in the U.S. It can be ensured that nobody want to show his or her privacy to the public, and the solution is to take actions immediately now.


Such an incident is totally influenced by the iCloud backup feature. The photo stream could sync all your iPhone photos to iCloud’s cloud servers when you just take some new photos. That’s to say, with repetitive password logins, the hackers can access your iCloud to download all your personal information, photos, memos, contacts and etc. Next, you can learn how to completely delete your photos on iPhone and iCloud.


Firstly, open “Photos” on iPhone, and there are two folders, “Camera Roll” and “Photo Stream”. You may find the photo stream have more photos than camera roll if you have ever deleted some on your phone before. And thus your photos can be automatically synced to the iCloud under the Wifi hotspot.


And then press the “edit” icon to delete all photos on the photo stream. What’s more, you should open your iPhone’s Settings-iCloud-PhotoStream, and then turn off “My Photo Stream” and “Photo Sharing”. Here, you completely wipe out your photos on your iPhone and iCloud, getting rid of the nightmare of being hacked.


On the other side, in fact, deleting your files can not prevent others hacking your iPhone or iPad, though the above incident highlights the Apple’s security capability is not as safe as a blockhouse.


You know that most iPad devices operate in Wifi hotspot, and therefore the solution is that you should come up with a method to make sure your cable network or Wifi hotspot is safe. Which one is best? Here, Baidu PC Faster as a piece of pc management and optimization software can detect & kill viruses, and block malwares effectively. And then you can apply it to clean useless files to make your pc run faster. Its significant Wifi hotspot feature can act as your capable private assistant to manage wireless network service condition, so as to keep privacy information completely safe

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