What to Do if There is No Safe Wifi in the Hotel?

2014-10-20 11:09:51




In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg creates the Facebook to realize his faith that “Use Facebook to connect the world”. At present this hot social network website owns more than one billion active users.


At the same time Wifi hotspot has become the life necessity for people in the modern society, while so many internet users would like to change their online behaviors from PC ends into mobile ends. That’s right, mobile phones are light, portable, smart, which can be more easy and convenient for me to get the latest information, news, tweets, Facebook messages.


I really like using my phone to take photos, recording every little thing in my life. Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flicker and etc., are all my favorite social platforms to share my experiences or ideas to friends.

I often do travelling but some hotels don’t provide Wifi. Or if the hotel’s Wifi is not-so-trusty, I need to find a good solution to create Wifi myself so that nobody can disrupt my life. Maybe someone wants to say I’m addicted to the Internet, while it’s actually not like that for me. I can express myself anytime and anywhere only if there has network or Wifi hotspot.


And then a friend recommends me to install Baidu PC Faster, a piece of computer optimization and management software, which is totally free and can help me to create a Wifi hotspot on my laptop. And then I can easily use my phone to browse any web-pages while staying in bed or the toilet.


It can obviously point out the connection time, how long my cellphone has connected to the Wifi, so that I can manage my daily schedule. Therefore I almost treat this assistant as an alternative to the wireless router, which is really a burden for travelers on the road.  


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