How to Simply Use Your Win7 Laptop to Create Wifi Hotspot?

2014-10-20 11:07:19

How to Simply Use Your Win7 Laptop to Create Wifi Hotspot?


If you haven’t installed any computer optimization software, like Baidu PC Faster, here is an effective way for you to create free Wifi on your Win 7 laptop. Of course, it’s suitable for the desktop with an available wireless network card. You just need to make some settings on your pc as follows


1.Open “command prompt” as an administrator:

Click “Win+R”, type “cmd”, click “Enter”

2.  Start and set virtual WiFi network card:

Input the order:

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Superman=superwomen




Here, three parameters refer to:

mode : “allow” to start the virtual WiFi network card; “disallow” to stop.

ssid : directly type WiFi name after it, English is best.  

key : Wifi code, no less than 8 characters


3. Set Internet connection sharing:

Open “internet connection”, click right mouse button to open the connected internet connection item, confirm “properties”-“share”, and then “allow other…connections(N)” and also choose “virtual Wifi”.

If you have made the above operations successfully, the sharing cards icon will remind you the broadband connection have been shared to “virtual Wifi”.


4. The last step: start Wifi:

Continue the command prompt, and input the order: netsh wlan start hostednetwork.

And then you can enjoy free Wifi which is created by yourself on your laptop.

If you want to stop the WiFi, just input on the command prompt : netsh wlan stop hostednetwork


However, the Wifi hotspot will become invalid as you restart the computer, and thus it’s required to repeat the command prompt orders to create Wifi. That means you can’t check whether there are some unknown devices have connected to your Wifi, or block them.


If you hope to obtain more features, for example, the blacklist, device recognition, WiFi name and password changes and etc, you just need to install the latest Baidu PC Faster version  to create a way powerful Wifi hotspot. And thus you can manage it more securely and effectively because of its great simplicity and practicability.  



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