Apple CEO Dim Cook Blames the Privacy Collection Behaviors

2014-10-20 10:15:00



Apple CEO Dim Cook has just indicated on a television show that the American government was still collecting a great deal of personal private information from the public. It seems that he wants to tell the world that the information Apple collects from iOS or OS X users is very little.


Last month Apple unveiled two new iPhone versions, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which rapidly obtained customers’ admirations. The pre-order exceeds four million units on the first sale day.   


Dim Cook thought that U.S government accumulated too much public privacy, and Apple had received 0~250 times of data requests from the government. “With several billion users, we’ asked to provide very limited data to the government. The reason is that, in fact, we haven’t stored a lot of information from our users. ”


The top manager also added that Apple made profits from selling hardware devices and software services instead of users’ privacy information, and thus wouldn’t focus on monitoring and storing users’ iMessage and e-mail content. Moreover, Apple will encrypt the data or information from Applepay and HealthKit to prevent any privacy leak.



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